Serving as judge of the 177th District Court is an incredible honor.

On September 10, 2012, I took the bench and began to restore order to the 177th District Court.  I inherited the second largest felony docket with a multi-year backlog of cases.  The past three years have been very busy as my staff and I have reduced the number of pending cases, particularly those older than two years, by implementing new docketing practices.  The 177th, along with five other courts started a project that completely changed the way dockets are managed in Harris County – a major change.  Our trial backlog has been reduced by 35%.  The 177th is one the most efficient criminal courts in Harris County.  I will also continue to reduce the burden on tax payers by working with other county departments to install more technology into the courtroom, cutting back on manual paper filings and other duplicated work. The 177th is leading the county by implementing electronic pay vouchers, in court presentation technology, and other technology pilot programs. 

As your judge, I pray for wisdom, for discernment, and for the unfathomable blessing of serving as your judge.

As a Criminal District Court, I am expected to administer “Justice” in whatever form that is, and I pray that I do so according to God’s grace and mercy.



1 Cor 10:31

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